About Us

The creation of TERK BRAND was for the sole purpose of the promotion of Education, Peace, Love, Respect, and Unity through the one thing that everyone has

in common, “Fashion”.

TERK herself is a multi-cultural clothing brand with deep roots and deeper rootlets extending through every city across the globe.

Our brand has been actively designing the best apparel and like accessories since 2011. In our collection, you will find a range of t-shirts, headwear, footwear, and other

accessories that are products of quintessential creativity and an active follow-up of fashion and music icons alike. All of which are versatile, unique, and unrivaled.

Since our concerns lie on your looks and comfort, our dexterous hands draw inspiration in its purest form your everyday life; street and culture, with an emphasis on luxury

and quality while we are at it. We use carefully selected superior materials, in addition to a touch of perfection, giving a result that is TERKLOVING’s exclusive one-off-

a kind of fashion clothing.

Your beauty, endowed by our clothing; you become a work of perfection, an irresistible sexiness of obvious distinction, and the next generation of

only the finest in terms of design and fabrication.

At TERK BRAND, we bring out the beauty of style & grace in you; tailored with just the right touch of every nations’ elements. We are not just a brand, we are YOUR brand.

The Acronym "TERK" Tell Everyone Racism Kills. Tell Everybody to Respect Kingdoms. Treat Everywoman (man ) Right & Kind. Try Educate & Rebuild our Kids Kingdoms. Trust Everywo(man) & Respect their Kindness. Treat Everyone Right & Kind (through) Loving. This Acronym was created purposely to promote Education, Love, Peace, Respect & Unity